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Revolutionizing employee education in the finance sector with Qiwio's Video Funnels.

Learn how Qiwio helps Wictor Family Office educate their staff, helping them keep up to date with strict financial rules and regulations by replacing boring and costly physical education sessions with stiff compliance lawyers by showcasing fun, interactive educational videos with the help of video questions and Qiwio's video funnels.

Wictor Family Office

Who's Wictor Family Office?

Wictor Family Office is a wealth management and investment company based in Sweden. Their goal is to help wealthy entrepreneurs, their families, companies and foundations navigate through the complex world that comes with fortune, to make life easier and tailor solutions to their needs. They offer personalized financial services tailored to help them reach their goals.


Bringing old traditional employee education into the 21st century

Philip: There are two main challenges we came across that drew us to Qiwio. 

Challenge #1 is the way the finance industry typically educates their employees. To work in the finance sector, there are typically a lot of rules and regulations in regards to the standard of knowledge financial advisors need to know to legally give financial advice to clients and in regards to the standards of practice in this industry. Traditionally, advisors will have to undertake physical education sessions with stiff compliance lawyers that are very costly and get handed a stack of papers for them to read and educate themselves in to be able to keep up with these rules and regulations. These practices are time-consuming, costly and just not fun at all!

Challenge #2, despite it being 2020, before Qiwio, there was no obvious solutions to obvious video marketing problems. How do you add buttons to your videos to convert viewers? How can you track conversions instead of video views? How do you make a video player fit your brand identity? 51 years after walking on the moon, thanks to Qiwio, humanity finally knows how to add a call to action button to a video.

We wanted to simplify the possibility for the audience to interact with our company – as well as having the ability to evaluate the results of our video marketing efforts.

So we had to give Qiwio a try at Wictor Family Office.

“51 years after walking on the moon, thanks to Qiwio, humanity finally knows how to add a call to action button to a video.”


Using personal video to make human connections

Since giving Qiwio a try, Wictor Family Office are now fully focused on creating more videos for their internal employee education program and to drive their marketing efforts.

“Whenever new videos are produced, Qiwio is used. This allows us to analyze and evaluate results, but also collect information on potential customers.” explains Philip Syrén of Wictor Family Office.

Wictor Family Office have replaced the boring, costly and inefficient traditional education techniques with a digital, personal and fully interactive video experience with Qiwio’s Video Funnels. They have created videos that go through all of their policies and educational material that their employees need to know to work in finance, and using the power of Qiwio’s Video Funnels, their employees can now log into their internal knowledge base, watch a welcome video, and then uses the in-video questions to choose which policy/area they would like to know more about, Qiwio’s Video Funnels, then seamlessly starts playing the corresponding video related to the answer they have chosen, making the video fully interactive and personal to each viewers needs.

“Working in an industry based on trust and long-term relationships, the personal meetings will always be the most important thing to us, thanks to Qiwio, personal video has become equally as important.”

Wictor Family Office has a goal to develop and personalize their digital presence, now with Qiwio, they will achieve this goal with personal video which will drive their marketing efforts. One example of this will be a personal welcome video filmed by the CEO, which will welcome new leads and customers and allow them to learn more about Wictor Family Office by asking them questions and asking them which area of their services they would like to know more about, Qiwio Video Funnels will then do the rest to create a fully personalized, interactive experience. 

“In the first video clip, our CEO will briefly summarize who we are and what we do. Then the viewer will be given an opportunity to learn more abut the different departments and what they do. In the videos following, each department head will explain who they are and what they do. It’s just like being in a real life physical meeting – but cooler!”


Personal video nets positive results

Since Wictor Family Office began using Qiwio, their internal education process has become automated with personal, interactive video, saving their managers 1,000’s of hours whilst bringing down the costs dramatically. Their employees are having fun during the learning process which results in better retention of knowledge.

With the challenges of COVID-19, Wictor Family Office uses Qiwio to provide a more personal digital presence, which nets them with higher quality leads that are more engaging and personal video helps them create trust with their potential clients at an earlier stage of the process. After all, you need to trust the people managing your money! 

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