Video VS Static content

What makes video so much more powerful than text and still imagery?

Video marketing has been on a steady climb for years now, and brands, companies and creators know it’s a must-have in marketing strategy.
One of the reasons video is such a successful media is due to the attention span of consumers and what actually catches their eye in a sea of thousands of other ads and campaigns floating around on the internet. 

We had a look at some hardcore value points when it comes to video marketing – actual sales and engagement – so we peaked into the eCommerce industry and found some really interesting stuff.
Online shopping, heavy-hitters such as Amazon and eBay say that adding a video ad to a product increased the chances of a shopper buying that item by up to 35%. That is a lot!

And knowing this – another thing to keep in mind is that Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn favours video content over static content. Why? Because it gains more traction and engagement. (Did you know that videos get 1,200% more shares than text and images combined?)

The magic of video storytelling. 

Moving content can do something that static content will never be able to do: Sell a product without even showing the product. How, you might ask?

Well, take the Always commercial at the 2015 Super Bowls.
The campaign began as a commercial explaining the stigma behind playing sports “like a girl” — implying that the boy’s way is superior. What they did was asking teenage girls and boys to do things, like a girl, infront of the camera: throw like a girl, run like a girl etc. 

Now, if you’re making the same assumptions the people in the commercial did, you’re probably visualising something quite silly and lethargic. Even the girls made fun of themselves by running and throwing in a prissy manner. But when asking younger girls – we’re talking 7-8 years old – to do the same thing, they ran as fast as they could, looking strong and confident. 

By the end of the ad, the message became clear: That the social construct of girls being lesser is just that – a social construct. Girls are just as capable and strong as boys regardless of the plummet of confidence that might come during puberty. 

Not once did Always showcase or promote their products though.
What they did do was to connect with their audience on a different level by acknowledging the challenges they face, taking a stand for them and thus accessing a customer base that identifies with their brand and passion.

The hashtag #LikeAGirl is still used on social media today and has become a huge success.

Do you think this impact could’ve been achieved with only text or still imagery?  
(That was a rhetorical question, and the answer is: no.)


Videos are favoured on Social Media platforms and search engines since it gains more engagement and adding a video to/about your product boost sales and credibility for your brand.
With video we can tell stories that would never be possible in static images or text, which opens up a whole world of possibilities to deliver a message in a short amount of time – which is crucial when it comes to advertising.

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