Your video, your brand.

Qiwio's online video player is built to deliver the best viewing experience to your customers.

Make it your own.

Customize every part of our video player to match your brand. Choose your colors, logo, and thumbnail. Turn our video player, into your video player!

Capture email.

Create customizable video forms to collect valuable viewer information at any point in a video. Sync lead data into your marketing automation and CRM systems.

Help your viewers take the next step.

Calls to action buttons (CTAs) makes it simple to ask viewers to take action right from your videos, whether that is to buy a product, book a demo, start a free trial, the possibilities are endless. 

Engage your audience.

Add multiple choice questions anywhere in your video to engage your audience and learn more about your viewers.

Create video funnels to make your videos truly unique to every viewer by changing the video depending on the answer to the question.

Embed everywhere.

Qiwio makes it easy to add a video to your site, blog, or anywhere around the web. And it automatically looks great on mobile, without writing a single line of code.

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