The future of video – is interactive

All you need to know about interactive video – and how to start using it in your favour.

Most brands and marketers know that video is the best performing medium there is when it comes to promotion and advertising. 

Adding a video to your landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%, and since Google now (since a few years back) owns YouTube, the chances of ranking first in search results increases by 53%. 

One thing that makes video marketing so powerful is that it’s very easy to consume, and for brands it’s a great way to convey company values, promote products/services and be remembered. 

Over the past 6 years there’s been an 800% increase in video plays, and for any marketer, this should be a telltale that a big chunk of your budget should go towards creating video content. 

If these few stats weren’t enough (because there is a lot more) – then imagine taking video to the next level. 

Linear video is good and all, but the demand for more experience based content is no longer a prediction of the future, but in fact expected by the consumers. 

And how better to meet that need than to create truly engaging, hyper personalised, interactive videos that the viewer can connect with on their own terms? 

If you’re still not convinced – here are some compelling stats: 

  • Interactive video creates 44% longer viewing time
  • Interactive video creates 66% more engagement
  • Interactive videos are shared 29% more times than linear video
  • Interactive video increases completion rate with 36% 
  • Interactive video has 10x higher CTR (click through rate) than linear video
  • Interactive video generates 18% more leads
  • Interactive video generates 4-5x more page views
  • Nearly 88% of people could see growth in their sales after incorporating interactive video in their sales strategy
  • Nearly 90% of people say they preferred interactive on-boarding rather than text
  • 68% of support teams saw a decrease of unnecessary support calls after incorporating interactive video
  • Interactive video creates 9x the purchase intent with customers
  • 87% of people would prefer an interactive educational video compared to a linear video 

And if you find numbers to be too abstract, let us give you some examples of what interactive video can do for you. 

Get ahead of the competition 

If we get into the future predictions of marketing, branding and advertising then video should already be on your to-do list. But in the fast-paced and fickle landscape of Social Media, chances are you’ll be lost in all the buzz unless you make an effort to stand out. So when we mention trends, interactive video is ahead of all of them so you better gear up before your competitors beat you to it. 

Shoppable video

With interactive video, you can create the most customised shopping experiences your customers have ever seen. Ask your viewers which colour or brand they prefer, add buy buttons, hotspots, recommended products, offers and much more directly in you video. This way your customers can interact with the type of products they want. Read more about shoppable video here.

Create a seamless transition from Social Media

Social Media is interactive, and so to create a connection between that and your static website can probably feel difficult at best. 

But imagine the “Swipe up” function leading your followers to an even more interactive experience. Social commerce is so successful largely due to the ease and discovery of products. It’s not just static scrolling – it’s an exploration

Cost and time effective onboarding 

Have you ever hired someone and had to set off countless hours, resources and possibly other staff to onboard that person? For a lot of brands, onboarding can mean a whole week of lectures with different people from the company, from morning to afternoon just to convey company values and policys. Sorry if we offend anyone, but honestly – this is some old fashioned stuff you’re doing. 

With interactive video onboarding, which by the way 90% of people prefer, you can literally pre-record all future onboarding topics, add questions and options to go to certain chapters of the video and then see the results from each person afterwards.

(You’re welcome) 

Less pressure on customer service  

It’s a well known fact that most support teams have too many tickets – and too little staff. And let’s face it, people love complaining and the bigger your brand is, the more complaints you’re gonna have. It’s just human nature. 

But what about your poor customer service operators? Who’s supporting the support team?

You should. And you can

With interactive video you can near enough clone your staff, and create a support flow that both shows and tells, by answering FAQ’s that you just cannot convey through text or over the phone. 

Here’s a stats reminder: 

68% of support teams saw a decrease of unnecessary support calls after incorporating interactive video. 

Read that again. 


Interactive video is the most beneficial tool when it comes to marketing and internal upgrading. You can literally lower costs, automise time consuming processes, increase engagement, get happier customers and employees, improve your SEO and much more. 

Let’s paint a picture for you: 

The year is 2009. One of your very clever friends (who is always ahead of the game) mentions this novelty thing called ‘Bitcoin’. They say you should invest now, because this is going to be a huge thing. 

You answer: “You know what, yes. I think I will.”. 

Bet you’d be pretty happy if you had.

This is that kind of moment. We’re that very clever friend.
So you can either choose to crush the competition or watch them run past you while you sit there and wait for flying cars and Mars travels. 

What we’re trying to say is: The future is already here, and you better get in the spaceship.  

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