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This tool is amazing if you plan to create interactive videos or for any type of video content related business.

Customers can be redirected to another video according to an answer to a question during the video.

It also comes with a lead capturing feature.

You can customize the player with your logo and brand colors. 

There is an option to add a call to action button in your video which opens up a lot of possibilities for marketing and lead generation. I hope the developers keeps actively developing all the features on the roadmap.

Looking forward to using this tool in my business on a daily basis.



This will really spice up your videos

What a great idea! As a massive fan of “Choose your own adventure books” and visual novels, this appeals to me on so many levels. The devs have put a lot of thought into this app and it really shows. Even if you don’t use the interactive features, it’s still a great way to host videos rather than relying on YouTube where you know there’s a risk where your viewers may have to endure some crappy ads.

A really nice feature is that you can brand the player for that professional touch.



Video funnels with great potential

I’m not a fan of the colors, but it’s mostly customizable and video funnels have a huge sales potential for customers navigating a customized sales journey.



Qiwio creates great marketing videos

I am impressed with Qiwio’s functionality and what I can do with my videos. I use Vimeo but Qiwio is better and I plan to switch over.




The platform is awesome. It’s straightforward to make your interactive video/funnels. I purchased another software which I won’t mention from another company that was way more expensive and limited because I didn’t get the OTO1 and OTO2. Now I see them offering their product on Instagram and I am honestly tempted to leave a comment with a link to Qiwio but I’m not looking to start any problems. Thanks 🙏🏾  for a great offer! Greatly appreciated!



five stars for sure

This tools already has good features that are simple to use. The roadmap features are icing on the cake! 

Five stars!



Easy, quick and beautiful

I am not a pro in digital products and run my own agency in the HR environment and I was looking for a tool like this.

It took me 5 minutes to use it and implement it. For me it’s great and the support is really great.



I see great potential

Once you have your content and marketing in place, Qiwio allows your customers to feel like they are in control. When every step of the sales journey becomes voluntary, sales are guaranteed to follow.

Odin Tech


Very good tool

I bought Qiwio mainly to hose videos on my websites. It has a very simple and intuitive interface. I am very satisfied with the quality of service and the ability to customize the player.

I absolutely recommend it to those who want a good hosting to embed videos directly to their web pages.

Marketing Agency


Great value for digital sales journey

Add value with a video to your product or service and make the video more interactive to engage with potential customers.

For me, the integration with Zapier makes it very flexible and useful in the marketing/sales funnel.



Easy, creative, fun and promising!

Qiwio is great fun, and it already offers many possibilities. After trying the product, I immediately like it.

Qiwio is fast and reliable. The videos were uploaded in a flash and it did not take long to process them too.

Creating a video funnel was a breeze, and so was embedding it on the website. All changes I made to the video funnel in the Qiwio account appeared immediately on the website – that’s how you want it!

Overall: Great product, highly recommended!



I love this app

I’ve only been using Qiwio for a couple of days, but I’m already in love with it! Making my videos interactive was a huge attraction and I have to say that it’s already exceeding my expectations. I have been posting videos online for a number of years and so I know how my followers and customers interact with my content. I was able to create and post a video within 2 hours of buying Qiwio and the rate of interaction is already three times what I would normally expect.



Nice and simple

I have some videos from my conference which I need to integrate in WordPress and protect from downloading. Qiwio does the job and the customization of the player is very useful as well. Looking forward to awesome new features.

Luis G


Boost your video business using Qiwio right now

I used to be a face-to-face sessional lecturer, but 2020 forced me to confront my professional identity and to consider another option so to not lose my clients and lose my job, to be able to deliver my classes to my students without losing the quality of the content, without losing communication with my students, and staying in touch in a proper manner and timely as per their requests for support.

Qiwio appeared as that glowing light at the end of my tunnel and practically, Qiwio saved my professional business by having personalized communication with my students and also give me the chance to deliver my knowledge using an interactive format … it is incredible.

If you really want to boost your business, please start using Qiwio right now.

Matthias Rickes


Great tool for interactive learning videos

The idea of Qiwio is great and I am very happy with the functions I have tried so far. I use Qiwio mainly in e-learning to provide interactive videos with the video funnels feature. It is very easy to create and host such videos.



Revolutionary product

Qiwio is an inventive solution to clean up video embeds and increase customer conversion through video funnels. The video funnels keep your visitors cycling through all your important videos within one custom branded video player and. I am already thinking about how I can add a video CTA to each one of my client’s websites

Ed Herzog


Easy to use but a bit limited

Overall, this is an easy to use platform for creating a custom video player and adding interactive elements to videos. What keeps me from giving this a full 5 stars is that the customization options are a bit limited.



Very fast and lightweight video player

Qiwio is exactly what we were looking for! It is a fast loading and lightweight video player that doesn’t have a significant impact on our web core vitals.

Our biggest concern with loading videos above the fold was that it will slow down the site – but not with Qiwio – performance was surprisingly refreshing! Our team has tested other video players and this one seems to always come up on top! An added bonus is the video funnels features. This is something that can take our existing and new videos to the next level.

Qiwio looks very promising and works as advertised right out of the gate!



Wistia, watch out!!

Great deal! Fast and very powerful!



Great App

CTA is good, all functions are simple and easy to use! Learning curve is very short.



The possibilities are endless with Qiwio!

I have been waiting for an interactive video funnels platform. This definitely helps with better engagement and conversions for my courses and training videos!



👍 Replacement for Wistia

I’m maxing out my Wistia and I love Qiwio. It’s easy to use great UX and lastly looks good.

I know it’s new but would like to see that it can connect with my marketing platform and work with Pabbly Connect and not just Zapier. Or at least connect to Google sheets.

It also has a handy feature to upload to YouTube and other platforms which is good but there are other essential features I would like to see.

I think in a few years we can expect this platform to be built out really nice but I would be getting value from day 1, I have a tone of videos to be hosted.

Mary Zee


An incredibly innovative idea to reach your audience interactively and according to their preferences

I have had some experience with other similar tools, but none of them had such a simple and logical user interface with incredible options as seen with Qiwio. What I would also like to highlight is the video funnel option which I absolutely love! My clients can change the narrative of the outcome of the message or story of my video by clicking on a button. So, the video messages are shown to my customers based on their interests and preferences, which narrows down their path to find the ultimate product or service from my catalogue. Yes, it takes. awhile to figure out the workflow and mostly WHAT you can do with it, but the possibilities are endless and I’m so excited to be working with this amazing tool.

Thank you to anyone involved in the development of this tool.

Ben D Danehachim


Good value

Amazing tool.

It has a very simple, intuitive and beautiful interface. I like it!!

Shi Di Wen


Top video solution

Brilliant video hosting solution. All the important features without being over-complicated. And best of all: it also works smoothly for users in mainland China! Brilliant! 



Great Vimeo and Wistia alternative plus awesome features

Very promising product and excellent customer support! I reached out to Qiwio due to an issue I was having with the video player and Amin contacted me back very quickly. The issue was solved literally overnight. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. Qiwio. isa great video hosting platform and I love the fact that you can collect email signups, add CTA and ask questions too. 



Got potential

Qiwio has got potential and is the best alternative for Wistia and Vimeo.

Campero Marketing


La mejor plataforma para videomarketing / the best video marketing platform

Love it! The best video marketing software. Qiwio replaces the traditional contact forms in the landing pages of marketing campaigns. We’ll also use it on the onboarding process and in the Q&A with different customers. I’m anxious to see all the improvements.



Best alternative to Vimeo & Wistia!

I have owned this product for a few days and I absolutely love it! I’m being very honest here – this is the easiest video tool to use and it does mcuh more than anyone may think. From a marketing prospective, I love the fact that you can add CTAs, chapters and other lead collection options. The GUI is very easy to interpret and follow and the actual finished video player is very professional, clean and beautiful. I would love the option to move the CTA button around on the video, but I’m sure that’s coming in the future. To the owners of this product, thanks very much – you did a great job with this one!! 




Great alternative to Wistia!

Intuitive platform to upload videos, customize player, add CTA, forms to collect leads and questions.

Using it for e-learning and collecting leads.



Great compared to other services

I’ve been using similar platforms like Wistia or Vimeo especially to get prospective clients to leave their data and book demos of my product. It works seamlessly for this purpose. Very happy with the service and looking forward to additional features in the future.



Fantastic tool for every lead generation expert

Qiwio is one of the best marketing tools I have ever seen. The low skill required to generate high-quality leads! 

A tool for every lead generation company.

Just upload, put a thumbnail to attract views, add the lead generation form to capture the lead for anything. 

It works for my career guidance services.

Martin Guichard


What we need to do it differently

Thanks for this tool to engage our prospects in a totally different way. I use it to create very qualified leads on my landing pages and also for training purposes.

Keep up the good work.

John K Qauntm


Beautiful app

Qiwio helps with better engagement and conversions for my video marketing efforts. The platform is simple and intuitive to use. And I love when founders pay serious attention to the design aspect of the product, not just functionality. Currently there’re still kinks here and there to be ironed out.

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