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The video platform for marketers

You've built an amazing product. It's time to tell the world! Video is the most effective way to communicate with potential customers.

Give every viewer a truly unique experience.

Video Funnels makes it easier to give every video viewer a uniquely interactive experience by changing the video based on their answers to the video questions.

Video Funnels allows you to hyper-target prospects with personalized sales messaging.

Turn viewers into customers.

Use interactive video tools such as video forms, CTA buttons, video questions and more to boost viewer engagement, accelerate the buyer journey and convert viewers into your pipeline.

Help your viewers take the next step.

Calls to action buttons (CTAs) makes it simple to ask viewers to take action right from your videos, whether that is to buy a product, book a demo, start a free trial, the possibilities are endless. 

Engage your audience.

Add multiple choice questions anywhere in your video to engage your audience and learn more about your viewers.

Create video funnels to make your videos truly unique to every viewer by changing the video depending on the answer to the question.

Generate demand with video.

Distribute marketing videos with ease, with Qiwio’s video distribution tools. From one central place, embed videos into email campaigns, websites, landing pages, blog posts and across multiple social media platforms to generate and engage more sales-ready leads.

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Video analytics

Understand and optimize video performance.

Use video analytics to measure how each video impacts revenue and how they perform across your website and social media – all from one central dashboard.

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