We are Qiwio

Today, great interactive video software is only available for enterprise companies with really big budgets. We wanted to change that by creating a video platform for all companies – regardless of their size, budget or skillset. 

Our Story

Qiwio was founded in 2019 in Sweden by current CEO, Amin El-Bekry. Before Qiwio, Amin ran a digital marketing and film production agency where they worked with a mix of small, medium and international brands. During his time running this agency, he realized a recurring challenge for a lot of clients: they couldn’t find an appropriate tool to help them store, generate leads and track the results of their video campaigns. This got him thinking about building a product to help solve this problem, and after months of coming up with product ideas and getting feedback from clients 

–  Qiwio was born.

Qiwio’s mission is to empower and inspire companies of all sizes and industries to grow their brand with video. We offer unlimited hosting and bandwidth, interactive elements and in-depth insight for a fraction of the price from our competitors. 

Since 2019, Qiwio has become an international company, serving video loving companies all over the world! 

Our mission

To empower and inspire companies of all sizes to make great video.

Our Team

Amin El-Bekry

Amin is the founder and CEO of Qiwio. He started his career as a film director, working on Hollywood films, tv series and commercials for global brands before moving from London to Sweden in 2017. Since then, he started and grew a digital marketing and film production agency for 2 years before starting Qiwio.

Ludvig Granberg

Ludvig Granberg is a Swedish entrepreneur that has grown and sold multiple software companies. The latest being Hemsida24, a drag and drop website builder that quickly become #1 in Sweden served to tens of thousands of customers. Ludvig now is the chairman of the board and business advisor for Qiwio.