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The video platform for your business. Qiwio helps sales, marketing and support teams worldwide to easily find, engage and grow your brands audience and customer base. Attract leads, increase sales and provide better video support with Qiwio.

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“Qiwio has helped us to improve our customer journey mapping and lead generation. Having a customizable CTA at the end of NUACOM videos was everything we needed to guide viewers to sign up at the right time. This increased our lead generation through video by 68% in the first 4 weeks. The great part of Qiwio is that it’s easy to use and provides us with analytical reports we need to check the performance of our campaigns. Plus, they are adding great new features all the time!”

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Turn Viewers into Customers

Interactive video tools to boost viewer engagement

User interactive video tools and video personalization to boost viewer engagement, accelerate the buyer journey and convert viewers into leads to bolster your pipeline.

Lead Collector Forms

Attract qualified leads with our sleek lead collector form within the video player. Get viewers to sign up as they are most interested in your brand.

Call To Action Buttons

Encourage your audience to take action right from your videos with interactive call to actions. Allow your viewers to buy a product, book a meeting, schedule a demo and more, with one click of a button.


Get the right information from your viewers by asking multiple choice questions within the video. Great for e-learning, accelerating sales qualification and more.

Video lead collector

Qiwio is ideal for video loving companies across different departments

Out of the box, Qiwio is intuitive and easy to get your whole team up and running. No learning curves here.

For Marketing Teams

Quickly upload and manage all of your video assets in an easy to use, intuitive video management platform.

Qiwio makes it easy to distribute your videos across multiple channels in just a few clicks. 

Generate inbound leads for your sales team to close.

Generate inbound leads through video

For Sales Teams

Integrated CRM system to view the data of all inbound leads. Get some context of every lead before making contact.

Track view behaviour to identify which leads to prioritize and close.

Track the ROI of all of your inbound leads for video campaigns. 

Close more deals

For Support Teams

Easily manage all of your training and support videos in one simple video management solution.

Use interactive questions to get feedback to know if customers have solved their problem.

Create a ‘self-service’ support system easily with video.

Keep customers happy

Engage Customers On Any Channel, Anytime

Attract engagement from any platform

With Qiwio, you only ever have to upload your video once. Simply share your video across multiple platforms, including social media, from within Qiwio.

Social Media

Share any video within Qiwio to multiple social media platforms at the same time. Simply create your posts in Qiwio and share. 

Embed To Your Website

Simply copy and paste a snippet of code to add your videos to your website. Any changes to your videos, get updated on your website like magic! 

Landing Pages

Need a landing page to send a video to a potential customer? Qiwio automatically creates beautiful and clean landing pages for your videos to email to customers.

Host Your Videos On A platform You Control

Take control of your video experience

With Qiwio, whitelabel the video player and give your customers the best viewing experience possible – without ads or recommended videos from competitors.

Custom Player

Upload your logo and change the video player colors to match your brand. No one will ever know you used Qiwio (your secret is safe with us).

Easy Video Management

Manage all of your videos across the company, all in one place. Deliver your videos to anyone, anywhere!

Keep your audience from getting distracted

Take control of your online video hosting and break free from ads and recommended video links that distract viewers and pull them away from your content.

Custom video player

How Qiwio can help you grow your brand through video

and win more customers!

To save any questions about the software, we’ve outlined exactly what Qiwio can do for you!

Online video storage and professional hosting

Easy embedding and sharing

Fully customizable video player

Generate more video leads

Interactive video tools

Social media integrations

From First Interaction To A Lasting Connection

Build long lasting relationships through video.

Strengthen your customer relationships by using customer behaviour data to personalize their experience with your brand.

Track Customer Behaviour

Track every video that each customer has watched to get a better understanding of who your customers are.

Personalize The Customer Journey

Understand the needs of your customers with the lead data to better personalize their experience to build longer lasting relationships.

Create More Engaging Videos

Qiwio provides the right analytics to help you understand how your customers interact with your videos to help you create more engaging content.

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